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SRM Missionaries

SRM Missionaries is a Christian community based missionary doing what Jesus did, we make disciples, proclaim the kingdom of God, and doing good to all people through the grace of God. We move in our communities reaching out to all people meeting their spiritual, mental and physical needs as God has enabled us through our Lord Jesus Christ, His word and His Holy Spirit.

Pastor & Mrs. Kyei Baffour

Welcome You to Evangelize & Make Disciples with Us at Soul Rescue Messianic Missionaries


Evangelism is the act of spreading the Christian message, typically by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with others and inviting them to become followers of Jesus.

We Evangelise and make disciples to lead people to Christ.


Fellowship with other believers to grow your faith in Christ.



In religion, guidance refers to the advice, teachings, and direction provided by religious leaders or scriptures to help individuals live a moral and fulfilling life.

We connect you to a professional Christian counsellor.
We help you get some form of education or skill training.

We will help you plan your career and find the right job in your field of study.


We help you with tax planning and financial management.



Provision refers to the physical, emotional, and spiritual support provided by the religious community to its members. This can take the form of support, such as food, clothing, or shelter.

We help you get a decent accommodation or shelter to live life.


We help the needy in our community to afford their daily meal.


We Supply clothing to those who need it to keep them warm.


We help those who need special medical attention but cannot afford it.



We are dedicated to sharing the love and message of hope found in Jesus Christ with those who are searching for meaning and purpose in their lives. Our goal is to demonstrate God’s love by providing practical and emotional support to those who are struggling with life’s challenges…



Our aim is to be faithful in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, bringing hope and salvation to all who will hear. We believe that through prayer, dedication, and a commitment to obedience, this vision can become a reality. We envision a Canada and North America where the message of Jesus is proclaimed boldly, bringing transformation to individuals and communities alike…



Share the warmth by donating winter clothing. The cooler weather is a reminder that winter is just around the corner. Winters in Simcoe County can be long and cold. Having the right winter gear can make it much more bearable.

The 1st annual Share the Warmth winter clothing drive kicks off from October 1st to December 31st . An initiative of SRM Missionaries, share the warmth helps families stay warm by distributing free winter coats and winter wear to them.

To contribute to Share the Warmth, you may drop off clean, gently used winter clothing items – clean coats, snow pants, mitts, hats, winter boots, socks, and slippers—between October 01- December 31 2022 at drop-off @1454 Gilford Rd. (ShopAFRICA Supermart) or call 416-910-0567/647-671-2495 for pick up.

We’re grateful for the local businesses and organizations who support this annual winter clothing drive,” said Kyei Baffour , Pastor at SRM Missionaries. “We’re especially grateful to all the members of the community who generously donate their gently worn winter jackets to help others in the county.” If you are in need of a winter coat or other winter clothing, you may reach as at 416-910-0567 for pickup.

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July 21, 2022

SRM Missionaries
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Events & Programs

Prison Visitation
Location: Barrie
Time: TBA
Type: Online - In Person
Food Bank Campaign
Location: Barrie/Innisfil
Time: TBA
Type: Religious - Social
Women Prayer
Location: Barrie/Innisfil
Time: 10 PM - 11 PM
Type: Online - In Person
February 2023
March 2023
Every Thursday

Join Us for Worship!

Are you looking for a place to connect with others and grow in your faith? We invite you to join us for worship and become a part of our church community. Our services are designed to help you encounter God, receive His love and guidance, and connect with other believers.